Not all stamps have to be placed in an album to be interesting to view.

A possibility for the use of stamps might be an ethnicity grouping. A person can glue stamps from the countries of their ethnicity on a board in a frame. So, for example, a person might be Swedish, Belgian, German, French and Italian. Stamps proportional to their ethnic mix are then grouped to represent their heritage.

Another use of stamps is to use stamps to make a picture on a postcard. Here is an example of this sort of stamp art:

Stamp Montage: Lady Golfer, Green Postcard  Three Fish made from Stamps in a Pond with a Lily Pad Postcard  British Stamp Montage - Woman with Broom (Cinderella) Postcard  Chinese Boat Stamp Montage Postcard 


Man flying a kite Stamp Montage Postcard  Chinese Pagoda, Stamp Montage Postcard  Lot of 26 Chinese Stamp Montage Postcards   Hand Drawn/Stamp Montage Room Spinning Wheel Postcard