The Port St Lucie Florida Stamp Club holds regular club meetings on the second Tuesday of each month unless there is a show that month. In that case, there is no meeting that month.

Members arrive at about 7PM. The meeting goes until 9PM. Parking is near to the door to the meeting room.

At the start of each meeting, members buy, sell, and trade with other members.

Circuit books with stamps from many countries are available for review and purchase. The selection changes from month to month.

The auction items are placed on the viewing tables at the front of the room.

Members enter their member number on the auction slip for the items they want to bid on.

Announcements are made. A presentation about stamp related items is often made.

Old and new business is discussed.

Auction items without a member number on the auction form are removed from the viewing table.

The auction begins. As needed, a discussion may be included with questions about an auction item.

At the end of the auction, the auction may include lots owned by the club. If a club auction received no bids, a Chinese auction begins where the  minimum bid is reduced until someone buys the item. Thus all club lots are sold at every meeting..

When all auction lots are sold, members who won items pay for them. Other members who sold items are paid.

This ends the meeting usually about 9PM.