Members are encouraged to submit items for sale by auction at a meeting to be included in the auction for the next meeting.

Up to 25 items can be offered each month. The form to enter an item is included on this website HERE. Just print the page and cut apart each form.

To be included on the form is the country, description, mint or used, hinged or not, catalogue number, catalog value, your member number and minimum bid.

The form should be attached to the item as to be visible when the item is placed on the review table at the next meeting.

Members review the items at the meeting. If there is interest in bidding, they enter their member number in the box at the top right of the form.

The members who submitted items where there is no interest in bidding are asked to remove those items from the viewing table.

The auction is then begun.

Members receive a list of items to be auctioned a few days before each auction by email or snail mail.

At the meeting all items are positioned on tables in the front of the room in lot number order. If a member wants to bid on an item, they enter their member number in the box on the auction form.

Items with no member number in the box are removed from the preview tables.

Then one by one the remaining items are auctioned.

Upon completing of the auction, winning members pay for their item (s).

Sellers receive payment for sold items. This is from a previous auction.